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Fall 2013


African Drum and Dance Syllabus:

B Day, 3:20-5:00

Instructor: Mrs. Betsy Hamill

Phone: (928)779-7223 ext 227



Course Description


In this class students will learn the fundamentals of West African (specifically Guinea, West Africa) music through the practice of both drum and dance. Throughout the semester there will be reading and writing assignments that will expand on both the history as well as the application of these traditional dances from West Africa. Students will gain an inside perspective of how dance and culture are intertwined through weekly classes as well as through visiting artists from the region of West Africa.


Course Objectives


  • Understanding proper form and technique of West African dance

  • Djembe drum technique

  • Dunun drum technique

  • Rattle technique

  • Balafone technique

  • Understanding the relationship between the drumming and dancing

  • Developing a portfolio demonstrating a progressive knowledge of both drumming and dancing

  • Practice and learn choreography in preparation for performance.






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